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Sometimes garage doors can seem to open and close by themselves. This can be as concerning as it is dangerous, especially if it happens while you are away from home. One explanation for this occurrence is another device in the area using the same frequency as your transmitter.Garage Door Repair Services

Remote Control Repair and Replacement

Your neighbors or family members could be using objects that are sending out the same signal as your remote. You may be located near a radio tower or other such facility that is causing the disruption. When this is the case, you usually would have to replace your handset with one working on a different frequency.

If you've ever lost or crushed your garage door remote or clicker, you'll know exactly how frustrating life can become without them. Keypads and clicks mounted on a wall in your garage or house help to eliminate the threat of loss or damage, but let's face it, remote controls are way more fun.

Some controllers will malfunction due to programming or circuitry failure. These can be reprogrammed or replaced if needed. Reprogramming can prove difficult if you no longer have the manual for your equipment, as different models can have widely varying program routines.

Professional Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Little Neck provides a wide range of garage door services including remote control repair and replacement. If you are having trouble with your device, you can count on us to ensure the issue is resolved and any replacement components are installed with expert precision.  

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